Interview with the author

- Good morning, Igor! Tell us, please, about yourself: where were you born? What did you study? What were your thoughts about future?

- I was born in Alma-Ata. When I was child, I wanted to become a cosmonaut in the future. I finished Moscow Suvorov Military School. My parents are geologists that is why I wanted to became a geologist after the army. When I had some free time between demobilization and admission to the University I worked a little bit at the rig and after that I thought geology is not a sphere for my soul, for my life. I met my wife and we moved to Tomsk together. In Tomsk I entered to the Tomsk State University, Geology-Geography Faculty, department “Hydrology of Land”, I am an engineer-hydrologist, but my specialization was glaciology. Glaciology is the science of glaciers. For all my life I deal with mountains, glaciers, took part in Zailiysky glacial expedition and in the Altai region on the geographical station "Aktru" of Tomsk State University.

- Please, describe your first journey to Mongolia in five words.

- I can describe the first journey to Mongolia in the one word: “A-we-so-me!” I visited Mongolia with a company of scientists, but our trip had no any scientific purpose.

I can compare my first impressions with feelings of Che Steppe in The Altai, however, measures are different. I was amazed by the beauty, which is breathtaking, photographed everything around me, trying not to miss any detail. That trip filled me with impressions, made love to Mongolia; I wanted to come here as often as possible. As I result, I come here every year during more than 10 years for enjoying the beauty of this country, energizing.

- What are the most popular stereotypes about Mongolia? Can you angry or disagree with them?

Many people think that Mongolia is endless steppe without a trace of inhabitants and civilization in general. However, it is absolutely wrong. The west part of Mongolia, where I come more than 10 years, is intermountain troughs, huge lakes, the most beautiful mountains, sand, dunes, famous desert Gobi. It is a country with a varied nature. After big cities, it seems that people do not live there.

In fact, in every part of Mongolia where there are water sources, inhabitants live in Mongolian yurts. Deserted places are in the south of Mongolia, close to the border with China, because of lake of water and wild conditions for normal life.

- Series of your photos “Over the World” is dedicated to Tibet and Nepal. What are your emotions and feelings after visiting these countries?

- I was impressed by Everest, of course, by its power and monumentality, greatness, which I read about and heard from my friends conquering the mountain. However, to the great astonishment, Nepal is much more versatile, morally clean, Buddhist, filled with ancient energy and power. After this journey, I loved Kathmandu with all my heart and I wanted to come back there more than once.

In my next trip, I inhaled atmosphere of Kathmandu, missed it through myself, enjoyed my journey without any specific purpose. There is the biggest Buddhist stupa “Bodnath”, it takes only 20 minutes to go around stupa and buying souvenirs. I spent with “Bodnath” approximately 7 hours, completely dissolved, felt an exalted union.

When I was in Tibet, we drove for a whole week at the height of 4.5-5.5 thousand meters and I got a light mountain sickness. In Tibet I caught myself thinking about something good, pure, especially when we were walking across the Kailas. During such purest unity with nature bad thoughts went away, they gave way to smooth and pacification, I was very impressed by that. I wanted so much to put my hands on Kailas, create an invisible thread, being filled with internal power. Probably, someday I will do that.

Afterwards we visited Shigatse, where the biggest acting Buddhist monastery of Tibet is located. It is called “Tashilhunpo”. Monastery is imbued exalted purity; I could feel it in the air.

- Igor, tell us, please, about a new photo project. How can we buy your photos online? What kind of material do you prefer for printing photos? Would it be possible to order delivery to other cities?

- Our new project is not only commercial but also informational. I arranged exhibitions, presented photos to my friends and sold pictures. However time is running, more and more people ask me where they can look at my pictures and buy them. That is why this website is created. You can choose my photos of any size, which are printed on different kinds of paper, canvas, cardboard and order delivery, thanks to logistics.

- Would it be possible to see samples of your pictures? It would be great to evaluate photo and make a decision to order.

- All the photos have watermarks, because this is a commercial project. It is possible to see and evaluate photo in general, buy a printed copy for the low price. Besides Instagram account will be created, where you can see photos, add “like” and visit a website for seeing more pictures.

- Do you have a motto or quote which describes your attitude to life?

- My ideology was formed a few years ago: “Do as you would be done by”.